AR12 with high-compliance surround, don't accept inferior replacements!

Repair of Surrounds

We specialize in the replacement of the foam surrounds commonly used in woofers and midrange speaker drivers.  Wide selection in stock for quick turn-around (typically one to three days if we have surrounds in stock).  Rubber surrounds available too.

The surround is the flexible ring between the cone and the frame of the drive unit.  Over time, and especially if exposed to sunlight, the foam breaks down and eventually crumbles.

When this happens the speaker no longer functions properly, and the surrounds must be replaced.  Note: using speakers with decayed surrounds may damage the voice coil! 

Even if the surround in just one speaker of a stereo pair has failed, it is advisable to replace both at the same time, as the other will soon also fail.  The cost to replace the foam surrounds on a pair of drivers starts at just $60.  Drivers will be thoroughly inspected and tested, and any problems (such as saggng spiders) notified.

For re-foaming, allow one to three days if surrounds are in stock.

Voice Coil and Electronic Repairs

Blown Speaker? Rebuild it!  We have access to an extensive range of the component parts required to fully rebuild damaged drive units. Voice coils can be replaced and speakers restored to their original performance.

We can also repair and upgrade internal circuitry including wiring, crossover circuits and binding posts.

We aim for a typical turn-around time of around two weeks, depending on availability of parts.